When You’re Done With Your Weekly Meal Prep, It’s Time To Do Your Creator Prep

How Creators Can Prep Their Content Like A Masterchef

Ev Chapman
4 min readApr 28, 2022


Every Sunday after I’ve done my meal prep for the week, I do my creator prep.

Just like a chef might sit down and prepare the menu for the following day or week, I sit down and prepare my menu for the week.

You never see a Masterchef running around the kitchen like a lunatic during service time. They move from pan to pot, have everything at their fingertips that they need and plate everything up gracefully. And it’s because they’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time prepping.

Photo by Kim Deachul on Unsplash

So rather than run around each day like a crazy person in my creator kitchen, I take the time to prepare the menu & my ingredients so I can gracefully and effortlessly push out plate after plate of content.

The weeks I do this I get a massive amount of content out and it feels easy. The weeks I don’t I often miss publishing altogether because it just feels too hard.

So here’s my very simple Creator Prep Process for delivering effortless content:

Plan Your Menu

Each Sunday I choose a shortlist of essays to work on for that week from my larger ideas list. This is less of an official ‘content calendar’ and more just a loose list of ideas that I feel excited about writing.

I call this my ‘Up Next’ Pile — my menu of items for the week.

An example of my Up Next Pile. A loose list of ideas that I have the intention to work on and publish within the week. Like a pile of papers sitting on your desk.

I might have anywhere between 7–10 content ideas in my up next pile for the week. They sit there like a pile of papers on my desk that I have the intention of working on and publishing throughout the week. I likely won’t publish all 10, but I know that I want some extras up my sleeve to play with.

I’ve found trying to lock myself into a content calendar just doesn't work for me, it feels too restrictive. Instead, I use my BIG EASY framework to discover what to work on and publish each day.



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