How I Stay Motivated Even When Progress Seems Slow

Ev Chapman
2 min readDec 22, 2021


The hardest thing about incremental progress is that it’s so hard to see

People started calling me a prolific writer before I ever really believed that I was. That’s what happens when you do small things every day. Progress is being made, but sometimes it’s hard to see without looking back.

I think the same can be said of health. It’s often hard to see the progress you are making each day towards health goals, until one day someone says to you — you’re looking great. And you realise actually I’ve come a long way.

So how do we stay motivated when we can’t see progress?

Trust The Process. Most of the time we just quit way too early. When I’m struggling to stay on the path with little progress signals I remind myself of all the people who have succeeded by doing what I’m doing.

Find An Anchor Point. When I’m swimming in the ocean it’s easy to get way off course because you don’t have an anchor point. Often I will glance back at a landmark to check I’m still ok. Record where you started from and each day measure yourself against that one thing. Whether it’s starting a daily writing habit or learning to run. Measure yourself against that landmark.

Find The Joy. It’s easy to get caught up in the outcome as the only thing that matters. I’ve found that is a clear pathway to failure. Find joy in the daily activities that get you to your goal and you’ll find momentum on your side.

The important thing is just don’t give up. The surefire way to reach any of your goals is to just keep going.

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