My Process For Long Form Writing in Tana

How I Turned Tana Into My Ultimate Writing App

A lot of people tell me you can’t do long form writing in Tana.

Ev Chapman
8 min readNov 13, 2023


And at first glance it might seem like they are right.

Tana looks & acts like an outliner. Not exactly conducive to long form writing. But it might surprise you to hear that I use it as my main writing app for everything from short tweets through to long articles.

And although there are some things I do wish it did better (more of those if you scroll to the end). For the most part I’ve found it a positive experience that has enhanced my writing workflow rather than hindered it.

I do all my writing in Tana from long form articles to short tweets.

If you love Tana & you want to use it for long form writing (so you don’t have to switch between two different apps) then below I’ll cover:

  • My workflow for writing anything long form in Tana
  • The Pros & The Cons of writing in Tana
  • Some of my Top Tips to make the process friction free!

The Pros: Why Tana Works For The Long Form Writing Process.

One of the things I appreciate about the Tana team is they are always looking to solve problems and implement new features ‘The Tana Way.

And I think in general that’s a great way to think about your workflows in Tana. Rather than comparing the long form writing experience to other apps, think about how the feature set can enhance your workflow.

With that in mind — here are a few of the reasons why I love using Tana for long form writing.

Everything In One App

Writing in Tana means you can go from outline → writing → editing → to finished product all in the one place without having to switch apps or copy/paste.

I personally want to reduce friction as much as possible in writing and having everything in one place does that.

Focus On Outline & Structure

Because it is at it’s very core it’s an outliner, I tend to automatically think more structurally about my writing when I’m in Tana. I can…



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