Every Prolific Creator Writes For Themself First

How To Build A Personal Writing Practice (& Become a Prolific Creator In The Process)

Ev Chapman
4 min readMar 21


I write much more for myself than I ever do for you (sorry, but not sorry).

That’s right, what you read on my feed or my newsletter or here on Medium is only a small fraction of what I actually write each day.

Because writing solely for production as a creator will quickly wear you out.

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Instead of writing being a creative experience for you, it becomes locked into an outcome every time you write. That kills creativity, it kills curiosity and it’s a surefire way to burn out and stop creating altogether.

And I’m convinced that the reason I failed so many times over the past 10 years to create a consistent flow of content (in all sorts of creative pursuits) was that I didn’t build a deep, personal writing practice. And instead just focused on writing performative content constantly.

Think of it like an iceberg. What you produce is the small part of the iceberg you see above the surface. The most powerful (& dangerous) part of the iceberg is your writing practice which sits underneath the surface and almost no one sees.

Here’s How To Build A Personal Writing Practice That Creates A Solid Foundation For Ideas To Flow

Write What You Feel

Each morning I start my day with a very simple journal entry. Some people call this morning pages. For me it’s simply just an easy way to get into my writing session by writing whatever is on my mind. Some mornings I talk about how I slept, other mornings (like the one below) I talk about how I’m feeling right now. Some days it’s even just a list of everything on my mind.

There are no rules here. It’s about clearing out what’s in your head & get ready for flow.

Explore Your Curiosity

Once I’m done with a journal entry and cleared the cobwebs I dive deep into my Spark Inbox. This is the place where I dump all my notes from things I’ve consumed.



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