How I went from constant product launches to an evergreen funnel that brings in $2k a month as a part-time income

I Cracked The Creator Content Funnel To Sell My Products On Auto-Pilot

Ev Chapman
5 min readJul 4, 2022

I spent a ridiculous amount of time last year launching products

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I think all up it was about 11 products from templates to courses to workshops to guides. I tried it all. And I made a fair amount of money doing it as a second income

Launches are fun (when they work) and they provide a nice windfall of cash for that month that you are launching. But they are also exhausting work and when you are not launching… no one is buying.

This year I didn’t want to have to keep launching new products in order to make money. I wanted a more sustainable creator business that didn’t include me launching something new every month or constantly having to make up ‘sales’ to entice people to buy my products.

So I’ve been working on an evergreen funnel for my content products and so far the results are good. I’ve only done one small launch this year and the rest of my income comes via this funnel.

Step 1: Create Content

At the very top of the funnel, I show up every day and create content that makes people curious enough (hopefully) to head to my profile to find out more about what I do.

Profile clicks have become one of the top numbers I look at when I’m analysing my content. Sure likes & comments and shares are all good, but if I can get someone to my profile… the funnel goes into action.

Step 2: Optimise My Profile

Your profile is not just a pretty shop front, it should work for you in two ways. I spend my time optimising it for just two things: follows & email sign-ups.

If I can get someone to hit the follow button I know they will continue to see my content (if the algorithm gods allow it…



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