Stop Making Being A Creator Hard

The Big Easy: How To Publish Content Prolifically With Very Little Effort.

Ev Chapman
5 min readApr 3, 2022

Can I tell you a secret 🤫 No one cares about your effort.

Photo by Peter Olexa on Unsplash

They care about your output. So why do we feel the need to make things hard for ourselves? Like making it harder for ourselves means more. But no one is giving you a gold sticker at the end of the day for your effort.

The more I spend time in the creator community, the more I see very real signs of hustle, burnout, and the relentlessness of being on the creator treadmill. And that scares me.

I became a creator because I really enjoy creating. I enjoy being curious. I get joy from sharing what I’m learning.

But the more you create, the more audience you build, the more relentless being a creator can feel. What if you stop creating? What if you need to take a break? Will you lose all your momentum?

As a part-time creator, I simply don’t have the luxury of making it harder to ship. I HAVE to find ways to ship content with very little effort on my part. And to be honest I’m glad I have the constraint because it’s caused me to develop a framework for myself where I can work a really hard full time day and still have the energy for shipping content.



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