I had tried all the methods and had almost completely given up

The Journaling Method For People Who Suck At Journaling

Ev Chapman
4 min readFeb 12, 2022


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I suck at journaling. There I Said It.

I have literally tried everything. Fancy notebooks, journaling prompts, morning pages, journaling at night before I went to bed (failed badly at this), journaling apps, gratitude lists….

I almost gave up.

Until 6 months ago when I discovered a whole new way of journaling that changed everything for me. And I haven’t skipped a day since. I call it incremental journaling, which is my fairly liberal take on interstitial journaling.

What The Heck Is Incremental Journaling?

Sitting down to journal at a specific time just didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s my rebellious nature, but it just felt awkward sitting down to answer some random prompts in my journal.

And the harder it felt for me, the less I would do it. Now with Incremental Journaling, it happens all throughout the day. So it feels less like a heavy lift and more just a lot of quick notes throughout the day.

Plus, even if I only write one small thing throughout the day, I’ve won. And I never feel bad about missing my journal writing time.

It All Started With Interstitial Journaling

I started looking into interstitial journaling as part of my productivity stack. The idea around it is to note down when you start a task, and what you are doing. It increases awareness and helps your brain get in the flow.

What I found is that as I was working I started to note down other random things. Like how I was feeling about a certain task. Or my thoughts after a meeting, or an idea that popped into my head.

What happened is that this productivity strategy actually turned into a self-awareness and journaling strategy.

I Started To Take More Notice

Rather than have a set time and set questions to answer in my journal I check in regularly with myself throughout the day. This helps me to increase my awareness and take notice of what’s happening. Not just…



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