Why Showing Up In Your Power Is The Key To Long-Term Growth As A Creator

The One Thing Large Creators Do Differently To Build An Audience

Ev Chapman
4 min readMar 23


I’ve been building my personal creator brand for the last 2 years.

In 2 years I’ve grown from a following on Twitter from 0–20k and people are always asking me what the secret key or tactic or hack to unlock growth is & it’s really very simple…

It’s a dead simple equation… it’s ME (or YOU if you’re reading this)

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Here’s the truth. I’ve never seen a creator grow on a platform they weren’t personally invested in (or day I say even obsessed with). They don’t just post & tick that off as done. But they invest in connections & conversations. They go deep in how the platform works. They are constantly optimising & tweaking their approach. They are quite literally obsessed with the platform.

And all of that takes… TIME.

It’s not something that can be automated, delegated or skipped over. In those early growth stages, it requires a lot of personal showing up. What? You didn’t think this creator thing was going to be some magic carpet ride right? RIGHT? 🙃

Showing up in my power and energy every day (on whatever platform that expresses itself on) IS THE JOB.

And that one mindset shift took me from 10 years of failed creative projects (thinking if I created the content it would be enough. Hint: It’s not)

And so now ‘showing up’ is literally my highest ROI task for the day.

But in the beginning, it doesn’t always feel like that. In the beginning, it feels like an absolute grind. Lots of work for very little return. But little by little (day by day) if you keep investing you start to see more return.

Here’s My Really Simple Formula For Showing Up In Your Power That Builds An Audience You Can Leverage For A Lifetime

Invest in ONE Platform first

I call this my signature platform. Rarely do you see new creators succeed on multiple channels straight out of the gate? Instead, you see people grow a Twitter following…



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