How I Review 99.9% Of The Tweets I Bookmark For Later

The Simple System That Makes Reviewing Your Twitter Bookmarks Insanely Easy

Ev Chapman
4 min readSep 26, 2022


Be honest, how many of your tweet bookmarks do you go back and look at?

Judging from the tweets I’ve seen in the last few days the answer is… very little. It seems most of us are hitting that bookmark button but just don't have a good system to get back to them.

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And so the bookmarks link in our Twitter profile becomes a black hole where good tweets go to die.

And I’m not judging anyone! I used to have hundreds of bookmarked tweets lined up in there that I just never ever looked at. I had the best of intentions (like we all do), but I had a terrible system (aka no system at all) for revisiting them.

That was until I started treating my bookmarked tweets like everything else I save online & got them off Twitter and into my note-taking app.

Everything else that I consume online from articles to videos to podcasts & books all gets piped into my note-taking app where I have a system for reviewing, thinking & writing about those notes further.

So I knew if I got the bookmarked tweets in my system, the rest would take care of itself.

And so that’s what I set out to do. And since implementation, I now review 100% of the tweets I bookmark and incredibly tweets have become one of my main sources of inspiration in my knowledge work.

Here is My Simple System For Reviewing Every Tweet You Bookmark

Step 1: Connect Readwise to Twitter

I don’t use Readwise like most other people. Its only purpose in my note-taking system is as a conduit to take everything I read, highlight & take notes about online and get them into my notes app. I don’t use it for anything else except that — and it does an extraordinarily great job of it.

I wrote more about how Readwise became a key part of my system here:



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