Keep Your Most Important Things In Focus So You Can Find Ultimate Flow In Your Work

The Simple Way Tana Keeps Me Focused & In Flow Daily

Ev Chapman
5 min readSep 19, 2023

There is nothing more detrimental to finding flow in your digital systems than having to click around constantly to work on things.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

It’s one of the main reasons I stopped using Notion. Everything was siloed. If I was working in my content hub, I couldn’t see my daily agenda easily. Too many of my most important things were out of site all the time.

This kind of task switching kills your flow & productivity instantly.

That’s why I created The Focus Sidebar in Tana

It’s an easy way to keep everything I reference throughout the day within easy reach. I use it to keep my agenda in focus throughout the day, work on notes side by side & keep ideas I want to marinate throughout the day in front of my mind.

My Focus Sidebar Lives Constantly On The Right Hand Side of my screen

Tana’s panel feature is perfect for bringing up two things side by side. Typically I have my Focus Sidebar open on the right hand side throughout the day and then I can navigate to wherever I need to in the main panel.



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