This Is The Biggest Unfair Advantage For Online Writers

These Four Signals Will Guarantee Your Writing Resonates Every Time

Ev Chapman
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Everyone tells you to follow the signals as a creator but what does that really mean?

If you’re writing (or creating anything) online then you have a distinct opportunity that no other writer has had in the past.

You get to write with your audience.

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These days you don’t have to hide away in a cabin in the woods slaving away over words that you hope will resonate with your audience (even though a cabin in the woods sounds absolutely delightful to me).

No, you can test out your words on your audience every single day by writing & publishing online. Every time you hit publish is another chance to test an idea, get feedback and refine your ideas.

Except most creators never listen to the signals that their audience is giving back to them. Either because they don’t know what to look out for, they don’t know how to interpret it, or they are still set in the old way of writing and just want to isolate themselves & write their words.

And if you’re not listening to signals you’ll miss out on a big piece of resonating with your audience.

But what signals should we be looking for?

4 Signals I Look Out For When Writing Online

Post Comments

Comments on your post are gold for online writers. Sure likes are nice, but comments represent a deeper resonance than likes alone. Comments provide you with insight into other people’s thoughts on your subject.

Good post comments provide:

  • Questions to help you go deeper on a topic
  • Show you holes in your idea that you need to fill
  • Help you understand other points of view
  • Even give you a new spark to write about.

When reviewing my content I’m constantly looking out for comments on Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. They are like asking for feedback without having to ask for feedback.

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