The Ultimate Guide to Building a Personal Knowledge Platform That Turns Information Into Insight & Knowledge You’ll Actually Use

Why Your Personal Knowledge is Going to Waste (And How to Change That)

Ev Chapman
5 min readDec 31, 2023

I am astounded at how much of our personal knowledge gets lost or abandoned. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of us are very good at saving information & lots of it (hello, to the graveyard of Save It Later Articles I have saved & never read).

Storage is cheap we tell ourselves. So we stockpile away all the information we can like it’s going out of fashion. Hoping that one day some of it will be useful.

Except for most of us, most of the time it’s not (useful that is). It just sits in cold storage never seeing the light of day. Like my 10 years worth of clipped items in Evernote that I never look back on.

Information Generated By DALL-E

It’s unhelpful, un-useful and gives most of us anxiety because we feel bad we haven’t revisited those old ‘notes.’

The truth is: You don’t need more information to manage. You need a personal knowledge platform.

A place to think. To make sense of things. A place where you can turn all that information that you have coming at you everyday and build real, actionable knowledge that you can use in the future.

And not just for traditional ‘notes’ or ideas. Any information can be turned into insight & knowledge. From your workouts to recipes you want to try to information on your health or your kids.

So how do you build this magical Personal Knowledge Platform? Here are my four tips that I’ve found have helped me craft a powerful place for my knowledge to live & thrive…

1. It should be PERSONAL to you

Rather than trying to copy other people’s systems, your personal knowledge system should contain knowledge that is meaningful to you.

My own system contains ideas for writing, but also my favourite flavours that I like to use in my cooking and lessons I’m learning dealing with panic attacks.

Not only is this knowledge useful in my everyday life. We are in a season where anyone can turn their personal knowledge…



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